about us


It is our intention to share with you our ideas and philosophies on organic plant-based healing through plant-based cuisine and juice cleansing techniques.


Panacea offers a complete line of cold-pressed superfood juices utilizing a wide variety of superfoods, all of which add a myriad of nutritional benefits to the juicing experience. We set ourselves apart from the rest of the cold-pressed juice lines and other cleansing techniques out there by packing detoxifying agents, and antioxidant providing elements into all of our juices making a single juice carry that much more nutrient power, and a (one or three day) juice cleanse that much more beneficial to the body. If your body is asking you to hit the reset button and take on a one or three day juice cleanse, we are here to help provide a nutrient dense cleansing experience leaving your body feeling energized, revitalized, and ready to continue on your path of healthy living.


Panacea was created based on the idea that healthy, plant-based eating does not have to be a difficult experience or undertaking. Very few people can gnaw on dry kale leaves and enjoy the experience. It was our ambition to create a space where people can come have a kale salad with oil-free almond butter ginger dressing and have a sensational experience leaving them excited for their next kale salad at Panacea. With this in mind, using organic fresh produce, grains, nuts and fruits, we created a menu with as many flavors as we could manage to showcase the notion that healthy plant-based eating can not only be palatable but also phenomenally delicious! From our buffalo cauliflower (one of our most popular appetizers) to our Ultimate Burger (one of our most popular entrees) we have surprised ourselves with all of the exquisite flavors we have been able to create using only plant-based ingredients. Panacea was created with love to encourage the many commendable individuals for adopting a plant-based diet for its health benefits, for the environment, and/or for ethical reasons – all of which we are here to support. However, in order for us to cast a wider net, we are abandoning all labels that create separation, and generalizations. We will do away with all language that articulates any one dietary lifestyle as an absolute truth as it may resonate with some beings, but not with others. We believe food is viewed as medicine alongside fresh air and clean water. Panacea lends us the space to expand in knowledge and understanding about the healing properties of plant-based food and thusly return to our true roots.


Managing Member

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Sarah has consistently had a passion for healthy living. Always having been active in sports and different types of exercise, she developed a taste for healthy eating at an early age. Ever since, it has been her ambition to play in a role in the lives of other people on their health and wellness journey. When the opportunity presented itself to participate in Panacea, she was more than thrilled to play a role in the creation of a space that would facilitate plant-based, clean and healthy eating for others. More than anything Sarah enjoys watching people discover that plant-based eating can be extremely flavorful, enjoyable and repeatable.



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Executive Chef

Originally from Sinaloa, Mexico, Executive Chef Mario Tapia has since traveled all over the states gaining experience and practice in many different genres of food within the culinary world. Tapia has worked in New York City with some of the most renowned gourmet Italian chefs, and has since traveled to the West coast to spearhead projects and menus for restaurants in San Francisco as well as Las Vegas. Having worked with almost every type of cuisine imaginable, Tapia was drawn to Panacea in search of a new challenge in the form of plant-based cuisine. It is from his experience with non plant-based cuisine that he has been able to infuse and replicate all of the flavors and experiences that we know and love using only plant-based ingredients. From our childhood favorite of macaroni and cheese, to the always classic fish tacos, Tapia seamlessly replicates each bold and delicious flavor using only whole, organic plant-based foods. Whether you maintain a fully plant-based diet or not, everything that comes out of Tapia’s kitchen is created to take you on a flavorful journey leaving you feeling satisfied, revitalized and full of plant-based life.